Wealth brings complexity,
we bring clarity.

Welcome to MGFS

The most important question in wealth planning is, “Are we going to be ok?”

At MGFS, our process is built upon helping you discover your own answer to this question with confidence through clarity – clarity being the single most important component to cutting through the noise, distractions, and even emotions of life.

The pursuit of clarity is at the heart of the work we do at Managed & Guided Financial Strategies, from an initial discussion about your financial situation, to the achievement of your unique objectives.

Our process begins with identifying your place in the “Grow-Protect-Retire” stages of planning. Then, we provide customized advice and solutions, creating a foundation of confidence.

Do you worry too much about money?

Do you have a retirement income plan?

What tax strategies are you utilizing?

Does your plan account for legacy building?

How will you handle aging?

Do you have the freedom to enjoy life?

Do you have clarity?

About MGFS

MGFS is a professional financial services firm that provides strategic, customized guidance, and advice. We work with individuals to pursue the achievement of their goals with wealth accumulation, retirement income planning, risk management, and tax and estate planning strategies. We help businesses navigate and structure group health and retirement benefits.

Barry E. Moschel

Wealth Advisor, Partner

Adam L. Schwartz

Wealth Advisor, Partner

Thomas A. Manno, Jr.

Wealth Advisor, Partner