Retirement Income Planning

Taking you from complexity to clarity.

Clarity for Retirement

When it comes to retirement planning, saving and wealth accumulation is only half the battle. Life expectancy is getting longer, and many people will be retired as long as they worked. We help you build a plan to strategically draw income from your hard-earned retirement savings. It is important to sustain your lifestyle and keep pace with inflation to ensure that you don’t outlive your assets.

We have found that many people struggle with when, how, or whether they can afford to retire. Some even grapple with why they should retire, with the notion in mind that it is better not to retire from something but to something. Ultimately, transitioning assets into income can create a high level of uncertainty and concern. Our role is to provide clarity for your retirement and to coach you in achieving your objectives.

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Our Retirement Income Planning Process

Step 1

Determine Retirement Goals

Step 2

Evaluate Current Situation

Spending Needs vs Sources of Income

Step 3

Analyze and Stress-Test Preliminary Information

Step 4

Identify Risks

Step 5

Convert Assets Into Income

Systematic Withdrawals
Bucket Approach
Flooring Approach

Step 6

Weigh Alternatives

Asset allocations and strategies

Step 7

Decide On A Plan

Step 8

Execute the Plan

Step 9

Review and Modify the Plan

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