Tax Reduction and Estate Planning

Taking you from complexity, to clarity.

Tax Planning

We encourage you to leave tax planning to the experts.  MGFS is comprised of internal and external partners, including a vast network of CPAs to provide tax services, consulting, and planning for the most complex circumstances.

Internally, we help you by combining our ongoing understanding of your needs with in-depth and continuously evolving knowledge about investment and insurance products and strategies. Different products can be tax-sensitive, tax-efficient, tax-deferred, and tax-free. Proper use of strategies and account structures may reduces taxes and improve after-tax performance. Practice areas:

  • Philanthropy/charitable giving/strategies
  • Business valuation services
  • Executive and deferred comp, equity awards, and planning
  • Traditional and Roth IRA strategies
  • Other unique strategies that align with your overall needs

Estate Planning

Internally, we make sure your risk management and investments are titled/setup properly. We identify how you may be able to improve the way you own or shouldn’t own your assets, with the intent to keep more for yourself and your heirs.

Do you have a will or a trust or complex financial life demanding sophisticated estate planning? Have you properly registered your assets and accounts in the name of the trusts you’ve created? We know many people make the mistake of not funding their trusts properly, rendering them worthless. Have you updated your wills in the last 5 years to reflect changes in your lifestyle, family, or financial situation?

We can help you with your estate strategy. As well, we’ll work with your attorney or introduce you to one you can trust.