Financial Planning

Taking you from complexity, to clarity.

Our financial planning focuses on insurance and risk management, investments, taxes, retirement, and estate or related planning.  Each component, by itself or in combination with another, is unique to the individual or business.  So, each solution is customized to meet your unique objectives.

When considering your financial needs or the journey you are choosing to undertake, you might ask yourself:

  • What does the destination look like?
  • What will be required along the way?
  • What resources do I possess that can help me, and how will I use them?
  • What types of strategies and investments will most efficiently help me to get there?

These can be daunting questions, however, at MGFS our processes are designed to help simplify decision-making with guidance. By shifting complexity to clarity, we know this will instill confidence

MGFS is a lifestyle planning and services firm comprised of internal and external partners. We work with many external professionals: business and estate planning attorneys, CPAs, bankers, mortgage brokers, corporate trustees, P&C insurance companies, travel agents, and more.

We have found that a flexible financial planning process with partners will be the key to successfully managing your personal financial objectives. A flexible plan gives you a roadmap to follow roads untraveled with confidence. In our language, we strive to understand your needs with in-depth discovery and monitoring. In your language, we strive to get to know you really well and continually stay in tune with your changing needs. Our ongoing attention, research, and resources, combined with your changing needs, gives meaning to a “flexible financial planning process.” 
This is how we make a difference: