Investment Planning and
Wealth Accumulation

Taking you from complexity, to clarity.

Overall Objective

Wealth accumulation and management is about financial independence. The adage “patience is a virtue” definitely applies when it comes to building wealth. We find investors’ short-term behavior and impulses influence long-term results. So many external factors such as market swings, economic conditions, job loss, disability, to name a few, can impede wealth accumulation. We continually monitor your circumstances and guide you to help you overcome obstacles and accumulate wealth.


Your experience with us begins well before you enter our offices. As trusted advisors, we continuously study and analyze new and existing investment products and strategies. We average around two to three due diligence meetings each week by participating in meetings with portfolio managers and their representatives, economists, and other market experts. There is vast sea of products and solutions available for use and we choose to stay current. You want a team that is knowledgeable about investment strategies and solutions, with a keen understanding of how to use them properly while navigating the labyrinth of income and estate tax laws.

We are committed to a life-long practice of learning and keeping up with relevant financial planning issues. This commitment helps to differentiate us from the next investment advisor or advisory firm and allows you to invest with confidence and trust.

Asset Allocation

To help you achieve your goals, more often than not, we believe that using multiple asset allocation strategies is better than relying on one. It’s our expectation they won’t dilute performance, when positioned correctly, rather increase risk management and opportunities for performance over time. Multiple strategies increase the sources of market participation and protection in your portfolio to be prepared for dynamic markets and may aid in expense management.

We also believe you deserve to have your portfolio rebalanced with a sound rebalancing strategy. This will keep your portfolio on the path chosen to achieve your needs, selling high and buying low, and will ensure your portfolio hasn’t grown to hold too much or too little risk.

Most importantly, we strive to instill confidence and trust when encountering dynamic markets to keep you on track in meeting your financial goals.


When it comes to managing your portfolio and guiding you, we apply our investment planning process:

  • Discover and Analyze– What are your needs, what have you accumulated, and how do you invest today?
  • Recommend– Should you keep your portfolio as is, or what are other options?
  • Implement– What and when is the best way to make changes to your portfolio; are your accounts setup with the right registrations and beneficiary designations that will help you pay less taxes and keep more of your estate intact?
  • Monitor– How have things changed with your circumstances and those around you since we last met and is it necessary to make changes to your portfolio?

As your investment objectives differ from the next investor, we like to regularly “stress test” your portfolio to assess your market risks. We do this thoroughly to maintain the portfolio that is best for you.