What’s up with the stock market?

Please click the link below to download the PowerPoint of our August 18, 2020 Webinar with guest speaker, Kezia Samuel, to read about performance drivers and detractors during the second quarter and what investors should be thinking about in the second half of the year. Download Presentation PDF Kezia Samuel Kezia Samuel is responsible for […]

Beneficiaries: Two Words That Can Drastically Change Your Estate Plan

Beneficiary designations might appear to be a simple option for your life insurance and retirement/investment accounts, but they can easily become complicated. It could also mean you are disinheriting certain family members, even if it wasn’t intentional. The two ways your heirs can inherit your assets are “per capita” and “per stirpes,” both Latin terms […]

Does A Stay-At-Home Parent Need Life Insurance?

Consider this: If a stay at home parent was not at home taking care of children, cooking meals, cleaning the house, who would? Often, the alternative is to hire someone to do those things, like a nanny/au pair, prepared meal service, or cleaning person. Any parent that has used a day care or nanny will […]

Do You Need Life Insurance?

If you have a spouse or children that depend on your paycheck, then yes, you need life insurance (with very few exceptions). It’s simple – you have a paycheck from your job. When you die, that paycheck stops. If your surviving family would have a tough time maintaining their lifestyle, keeping the house, keeping the […]