Would you like to help a friend, colleague or family member?


Over the years, MGFS has found that our best client relationships come from referrals from other satisfied clients. We have always considered referrals a great compliment and have happily talked with these individuals and businesses about the work we do.  

Just like when you recommend a good physician, lawyer, or dentist to someone, we hope that you will refer MGFS to those who might benefit from our professional advice.  We will always do our very best to provide the information needed to make good choices.  Many individuals referred to our office have become clients, but more importantly, they have all expressed that they feel more confident from having the conversation with us. 

Confidentiality is our highest priority and the cornerstone of our business, so we maintain each client relationship as completely private.  Of course, our relationships are our business, so timely, courteous, and professional service is a must. Last, we learn about each unique client situation and tailor our financial advice to offer meaningful information and personal solutions.

Many people are unsure whether someone they know might be a good person to refer us to, so, here is list of people with whom you may come into contact:

  • Friends, family, and associates in need of financial advice
  • Those unsatisfied with their current financial professional
  • People experiencing significant changes in their lives:
    • Losing, changing, or retiring from their job
    • At or near retirement (deciding on pension choices, retiree medical and/or social security maximization)
    • Inheritors of large sums of money
    • People getting married or divorced
    • People with children in or approaching their college years
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs – either in an existing business or new one
  • Investors who have been through either a major investment loss or large gain
  • People you have overheard mention the word “annuity” and either you or they would like to know when these products are appropriate
  • Anybody in need of life, disability or long-term care insurance or a review of their existing policies and needs
  • Employees of publicly held companies with a complex situation such as stock options, restricted stock units, deferred compensation, etc.
  • People with more complex tax situations involving estimated taxes, self-employed businesses, real estate properties, etc.

To facilitate an introduction, let’s have a call.  Or send an email to that friend, family member or associate you would like to refer to MGFS. Additionally, you can provide them with our website address www.mgfs.net or just have them call us at 630-656-6312.


Again, thank you for your confidence and continued support!



Adam L Schwartz, CFP®, NSSA®   
Barry E. Moschel, RICP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CPA
Tom Manno, CFP®